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Mindful Home Renewal Service


Service Details

what we offer

We’ll explore the energy flow and the quality of that energy around your home and give you detailed recommendations – how you can make adjustments to create a home with the best atmosphere for your wellbeing and life goals. At the end, you will have tons of information and recommendations and a whole newfound understanding of how you can make your environment your best support system now and in the future. You will get a new appreciation for choosing objects, colors, and furnishings for your home, and how little decoration changes can have a huge impact. You will better understand how each choice in designing your surroundings can support you or hold you back. The toolbox we provide you will help you make better informed design decisions when your life changes or you simply decide to change decor and keep the most supportive energetic resonance with your space.

Report & Support

what's included

You will receive a report in PDF format that explains your current situation and our recommendations to create a balanced and supportive home for your personal situation. The report will include many visuals for easy understanding. The report includes:

  • Your confirmed goals for the consultation
  • Space assessment results including energy flow, energy quality, and how it all supports your individual goals
  • Comprehensive explanations of the approach & our analysis tools
  • Prioritized List of Recommendations
  • Instructions for implementation
  • Guidebook with tools and reference tables
  • Online Support for 3-month after report delivery
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The Process

how we work together


what we need from you

1. Fill Out A Questionnaire

This helps us understand the scope of your project, your expectations, which parts of your life you want to focus on, the function of each room, and your budget. The more specific you can be, the more detailed our analysis and recommendations! We’ll be in touch via email to follow up on any open questions, and confirm the scope of the project.

2. Email us a floorplan and photos


We need a current, true-to-scale floor plan with a North Arrow, clearly marked.

How To Take Photos:

… Take photos during the day.
… Remove clutter.
… Take a photo from every angle (each corner and each wall) of the room.
… Try to capture part of the floor and ceiling in each photo.
… Repeat for every room.

We’ll provide an online storage space to upload all your files.

3. Purchase your Service Package

You will receive a link to purchase our service package once we have received complete information and we agreed on the scope of the project. Payment must be received before the assessment of your home begins.


what we do for you

4. We Assess Your Space

Based on the information you provided us, we evaluate your home, pinpoint areas that can be improved, and provide recommendations and tools. This space assessment includes:

Energy Flow

… Visualization of the energy flow inside and outside your home.

… Marking of crucial energy flow points (EFP) in the floor plan to correct and harmonize the energy flow throughout your home. EFPs are the acupuncture points in your home and are used to direct vital energy in a wholesome way.

… Check sleeping areas for signs of interference and best placement.

… Check important seating areas, including desks for alignment as well.

Energy Quality

… Analysis of the overall energy quality in the home based on the interior design.

… Analysis of all external energy qualities and how they manifest themselves in each room within the home. Which energy qualities are missing, reduced, blocked, nourishing, or too dominant? External energy qualities affect a home based on its cardinal orientation, window placement, and more.

… Develop specific recommendations to harmonize.

… Determine which vital energy qualities are needed to support your personal goals and where. We advise you on how to activate these specific energy qualities in your home through color, form, materials,  and symbols.

5. We provide you with a written and visual evaluation report covering:

… all assessment results for energy flow and energy qualities from above.

… Comprehensive explanations of the approaches and analysis tools we are using.

… A priority list of recommendations to create the best energetic atmospheres in your home to support your wellbeing

… Instructions for implementing these recommendations.

… Practical explanations and clarification of individual questions.

… A toolbox with guidelines, and reference tables.


you make it your own, we help

6. Implement Recommendations 

Incorporate our recommendations with your choice of measure and transform your home into an environment that aligns with your vision and resonates with you energetically. We will have an open line for 3 months for your support and questions that might arise during implementation. 

For a successful implementation, it is essential that all Feng Shui measures are carried out consistently. Because every change has an influence on all factors of a home. It does matter where you start making changes. Our priority list will be a guide for you to successfully implement your changes.

7. Stay Mindful: 

By continuously evaluating how each adjustment impacts the overall atmosphere of your home, you ensure it reflects your evolving goals and values over time. This is an important part of your journey. This is how you consciously stay connected with your environment and the cycle of your life.

Embrace the journey as your home transforms into a true reflection of your inner self and aspirations.  

Service Price: Flat rate $480