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A Mindful Home

Human-centric design

Tired of the trendy interior design advice that conforms your home to a mere fashionable lookalike?  

Instead, you can transform your home into a place of nurture and wellbeing with your personal touch.

We would love to help you with that. We use original feng shui teachings, deeply rooted in the human desire to connect with nature to thrive. 

Unlock the hidden potential of your home!


This is different

Some consulting, mostly coaching

Do you want to find out how your environment impacts your wellbeing and success and how you can benefit from your home environment?

By analyzing your home, we make the correlation between you and your surroundings visible and show you how to make targeted changes to your home environment based on your unique situation. And we give you the tools to keep on making more purposeful design  decisions in the future.

Experience the immediate and direct effects of an improved interplay between you and your spaces.

We are not an interior design service, nor are we bound to any one of the many different traditional and modern feng shui schools and Masters.

We use original Feng Shui teachings adjusted to the modern Western Lifestyle.  It comes from the need to observe nature for survival and prosperity, especially:  where is a dwelling located, what is around it,  and how each unique vibrational energy of the 8 cardinal directions connects with it.

We show you how to use this old knowledge to easily make beneficial design & decorating decisions for your wellbeing.

Our Approach

Let nature guide you

Our feng shui approach is based on a holistic view of the world. It assumes that everything is connected and in constant interaction.

The effectiveness of the original feng shui teachings relies on the idea that we humans are open beings, in constant interaction with our environment. 

All people around you emit a certain vibrational frequency. Some people make you nervous; others relax you. This can be seen as a reaction to the energy they radiate.

Just like we do, rooms emit a certain type of vibrational energy, which is created by external (environment) and internal factors (design).

This is where our approach taps into. We help you analyze your existing external & internal energy flow and qualities and provide recommendations on how to adjust your space’s vibrational energy to your unique needs and desires. 

Why not design your home in ways most supportive of your personal & professional life instead of just pretty or comfortable?

We accomplish this with the tools of the original feng shui teachings translated to our modern Western culture, backed by research in neuroscience. 

“Transform Your Space,

Transform Your Life”

Everyone has experienced it: 

You enter a room and spontaneously feel comfortable. 

Only rarely can we explain why.

Feng Shui gives us the language and tools.

Our Service

Mindful Home Renewal

We provide you with tools to harness natural energy qualities from your surroundings and apply them to the benefit of your specific situation within your home – based on the location and orientation of your home and your personal design preferences. 

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What makes us great

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look deep into nature and then
you understand everything better.

Hey there! I’m Beate

Your environment has a decisive impact on the quality of your life.  And I don’t mean designer sofas or the newest trend in interior design.  I am talking about the deeper, more purposeful, and positive impact on your life the right choices of design, color, and placement can create. 

To me, it always has been more important to create the right energetic atmosphere than conforming to a certain look.  I have decorated many homes and without exception got the same feedback from people entering these spaces. Something along the lines of  “Wow, it feels so good in here, great energy. “

Realizing that I intuitively used some of the wisdom of Nature’s Laws & Feng Shui, I have been deepening my feng shui knowledge over the last few years.

Through my business, Evoke Nature,  I provide the tools for you to create a home that becomes your support system for your life’s goals and desires. I believe there is potential in any home to support you better and provide the positive vibrations you need in your life.

Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill knew and used the knowledge already. Many other smart people and companies today use this knowledge for their success as well. 

Why not you too? 

Relevant Certifications & Courses

Training & Education

Neuro Architecture

Received in depth insights into Neuro Architecture and Design attending the course "Neuroscience & Architecture - designing with the user in mind" taught by Andréa De Paiva, Founder of NeuroAu , and a member of the Advisory Council of the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture (ANFA) and vice chair of the ANFA Chapter Brazil.

Feng Shui

Certified by Katrin Martin-Fröhling & Thomas Fröhling, Founders of the German Feng Shui Institute, who brought the roots of this observational ancient Chinese science into todays Western culture. Also trained by Simon Brown, bestselling Feng Shui author & consultant for companies like American Airlines.


Certified as WELL Accredited Professional since 2017. The WELL Building Standard (WELL) is a performance-based system designed to measure, certify, and monitor features of the built environment that impact human health and wellbeing, through air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind.

you cannot NOT react to your environment

Interplay between People and Space

You probably have a certain style of furnishing in your home. Some or all of it you might have selected, some might have come with your partner and maybe some was given to you by family and friends. And you might even have put it together aesthetically pleasing.

The thing is, the intricacies of the human-environment relationship go beyond mere aesthetics; they delve into the realms of energy, emotion, and subconscious influence.

Everything is interconnected, nothing exists in isolation. This is part of holistic teachings. We are a part of our environment and interact with it constantly. We are a part of everything around us.

Your environment silently communicates with your inner self, shaping your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in ways you may not consciously perceive.

From the layout and shapes of your furniture, materials used, the colors on your walls, to the location of your home – every detail holds the potential to impact your wellbeing on a profound level. 

By acknowledging and harnessing the energetic interplay between yourself and your surroundings, you can cultivate spaces that resonate with your essence, fostering a harmonious environment for personal growth and success.

Embrace the transformative power of intentional design and create a living or working space that serves as a sanctuary, empowering you to excel in all facets of your life.

Feng Shui Mood Board for Homes

We analyze your rooms and make this correlation visible to you. We show you the WHAT you can do and HOW.

But just how do we do that?