Holistic Decorating Solutions: Transform Your Home For Well-Being

Organic Modern Design & Wellbeing

A Nature-Inspired Design Approach For A Holistic Lifestyle

Do you want a fresh & modern look for your home? Décor that supports & enhances your wellbeing? 

This is what we do and more!

We help our clients to decorate 

Organic Modern Spaces & Nurture Wellbeing

What is Organic Modern Design?

To us, this style has the best of two worlds and then some. It connects the innovative here and now with our origins, the natural world. It’s ingenious! 

The clean, sophistication, no nonsense, form follows function attitude of modern design complemented by the complexity of natural design elements, textures and colors from the natural world creates a comforting, soothing, yet invigorating design approach.

Bringing the natural world indoors with organic elements found outdoors speaks to our innate desire to connect with nature. Hence that is why we feel cozy, comfortable, just at home in an organic & modern space. 

Organic Modern Design with a Twist

We go a step further and highlight the organic part of the design, which we base on an approach called Biophilic Design. This approach focuses on bringing the essence of positive nature experiences through design features into your home to support your overall wellbeing.

It’s magical!  

We also provide online interior decorating services (eDesign) in case you want to leave the design part to us. We work with you virtually. No need for house visits. You can work with us from anywhere in the United States and beyond if you share our love for this nature inspired modern approach to interior design.   

Hi, I’m Beate


WELL Accredited Professional


WELL Accredited Professional

Want to enjoy a stylish modern home that connects you to the positive impact of natural design elements for comfort & wellbeing.

We can help you with that! 

As a nature lover with a propensity for modern design, I always  felt most comfortable combining both, living in a modern home and being connected to nature. 

I never considered modern home décor that is inspired by nature a style choice but rather a necessity for beauty, comfort and wellbeing. Without it I feel dismal over time, with it I feel grounded, inspired and invigorated. 

Nowadays my design approach has become a popular style: Organic Modern. I am delighted it has become a “thing”  and I’d love to share this wonderful approach to interior décor with you, through my company Evoke Nature.

Select Your Preferred e-Design Package


Give a room in your home a new organic modern look with a custom design.

This package includes:
– 3D Design Board of your room’s new look
– 3 Design Revisions
– Floor Plan with Furniture Layout
– Detailed Click-to-Buy Shopping List
– Styling Notes to help you bring the design to life


The entryway is the first & last impression of your home, a highly frequented and a functional space. To get this right is huge! We want to help you do it! 

This package includes:
– 3D Design Board of your entry way’s new look
– 2 Design Revisions
– Detailed Click-to-Buy Shopping List
– Styling Notes to help you bring the design to life
– Optional: A gallery wall and/or wallpaper  


This service covers accessories only. It can be general styling, holiday specific, seasonal or any other custom request. Furniture is not included in this package.

This package includes:
– A Mood Board with all recommended accessories
– Shopping List with purchasing details
– Styling Notes to help you place all items

everything you can imagine, nature has already created.  — Albert Einstein