e-Design, virtual design or online design point all to the same interior design services offered completely online! Technology and the today’s DIY culture created this affordable alternative to the traditional full-service interior design.

Of all tasks an interior design or decorating project involves, e-Design Services focus on the creative design tasks and leaves the busy work of sourcing and installation to the client. It is an alternative to the traditional, hands off and white glove service local interior decorators and designer have ben offering. 

e-Design requires a more involved, hands-on participation of the client to get the project overt the finishing line. 

Here is a quick comparison of both options. e-Design might be not for you or it might be the perfect solution to get a professional designed space. You decide!

Which Interior Design Service Is Right For Me?


Work with a local designer, who will come to the home for consultations, design meetings and walk throughs.

Includes everything in the design process from start to finish. White glove service where the client does not have to do anything other that saying yes or no to design options and furnishing items.

Designer takes all the room measurements, creates design boards for inspiration, creates a floor plan, space planning and shopping list, once client agrees to design & space planning. Many of the items on the shopping list are probably trade only products, meaning only the designer can source them.

The designer sources each and every piece from the shopping list at the same time, manages the shipment of the purchases and will install them once they arrive at your home. The designer will also coordinate other subcontractors, such as painters, electricians to install lighting, etc.

Full-Service is a good idea for you if you don’t want to get involved in the project at all. All you need to to is to agree or disagree to your designer’s proposals, scheduling and participating in in-home meetings with your designer, and paying invoices. If you do not want to get involved in any of the logistical busy work of an interior decorating project like ordering furniture and installing it.

Full-service design might also be your choice if any custom work is planned, although some eDesigners take on these projects as well.

e-Design (virtual or online interior design)

Work with a designer from anywhere around the world with out having to worry about location. Thanks to technology and the digital age, interior design services can now be completed without a designer ever having to set foot in a client’s home.

Designer and client communicate only virtually via call, video chat, text or email.

The process in eDesign is a little different because the client is more involved and takes on some of the project tasks. This is where a client’s propensity for DIY comes into play. The client does not mind getting involved in the design process to save time and money, yet they still want a professional’s expertise to create a functional and beautiful space.

The client measures their space accurately, takes photographs. The designer will use all information to create design concepts, a to-scale floorplan with furniture layout. Once the design and all items are confirmed by the clients, the designer creates a detailed, clickable shopping list. The client shop the list via the links, manages shipping and sets up the space once all items have arrived.

Once the design is completed, it’s up to the client to shop and set everything up. This means it’s entirely up to the client whether to order everything at once or buy items over time.

It is also up to the client to hire contractors as needs, like a installer, painter or electrician.

A good eDesigner will provide the client with detailed instruction for every tasks, like how to accurately measure and take photographs, provide tips to hang wall art and style the space at the end, etc.

In eDesign the professional focuses on the design and furnishing selection part. This is the part of a decorating project most people are looking for help. By taking on some of the other, the “busy” work by the client and avoiding travel and in-person meetings by the designer, eDesign is a simple, quick and affordable alternative to traditional interior decorating services.

Even better, it saves money and time without sacrificing the quality of the design. This crucial part of the design process is still fully done by a professional.

Like full design services, eDesign services are offered in a wide array of packages and price ranges. What is right for the client depends on project scope, preferences of involvement and affordability.


Interior design has traditionally been an in-person service, mostly for luxurious homes due to the price tag it came with.  Like with most things that shake up the status quo, there are some misconceptions about eDesign, I would like to address. 

eDesign is the “light version” of traditional interior design.
Far from it! eDesign is no a light version of any traditional interior design services, it’s just different and inclusive to so many people due to its potential affordability. eDesigners may hand off some tasks to their clients but not the design work. eDesign creates professional design concepts and space plans as traditional design does. The same amount of effort is put into the design and selection of furnishings. And a lot of effort is put into making sure the client can handle the install to create the envisioned design.  .  

eDesign is not client specific, unique nor client-focused.
eDesign might have gotten a bad rap because of services providing eDesign for a laughable fee. I have seen fees of $68 for a full room design. Well, if we all use our common sense we know that those fees can only be sustained with canned (duplicated) design. 

Like in every profession, a client ought to do a bit of due diligence and the saying “you get what you pay for” holds true in interior design too!    

At Evoke Nature, we specialize on organic modern design and work with our clients to determine their individual interpretation of that style, their functional requirements and needs to create custom tailored designs specifically to them. We might have some favorite vendors and items but we never duplicate or copy from previous projects. 

eDesign is like HGTV.
Nope, real world does not work like that. Minimal budget and a project start on Wednesday to be finished on Saturday for the baby shower won’t cut it. It’s TV serving up entertainment. Go and ask them how long it really takes and how much money it really cost. Good design takes time and revision rounds with the clients are necessary to arrive at a space design the client and designer is satisfied and happy with.   

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