Our 3-Step Process (Full Room Package)

Full Room Design Packages start at $525

STEP 1 – Onboarding Process

1. Fill Out A Questionnaire

Once we both decided in a phone chat that we want to move forward together, we will send you a questionnaire to better understand the details of your project.

We will ask you questions about your preferences in colors, and style. Although we solely focus on Modern Organic Interiors, there are many directions we can go with it, e.g. beach theme, earthy tones and minimalistic or rather colorful and textures.

We will also ask you about the budget you like to stay within, any furniture and accessories that stay and any other special requests.  The more specific you can be the better.

If there are any areas for more clarification we will follow up with you.

2. Send Us Measurements and Photos

We will send you a guide how to best measure the room and create a simple hand-drawn floor plan to include dimensions for walls, windows, doorways, ceiling height and any other important architectural elements.

The guide will also include tips to create photos that best capture all angles of your space.

The floor plan does not have to be pretty or to scale. Only your measurements ought to be accurate. Once we get your measurements we will create a to-scale floorplan, which we will use later to lay out the space planning for your new room design.

3. Share Inspirational Images With Us

Collect images of rooms, furniture and color pallets from Pinterest, online design magazines and stores. Store them all in a Pinterest Board you can share with us. If you like, add comments to some of the images to let us know what inspired you in the photo.

Also, check out our Boards on Pinterest which have a broad collection of Organic Modern Design Ideas.

This is an important part of the process. This way we can make sure our design  for the look & feel will match your vision.

4. Purchase Your Full Room eDesign Package

After we received all your onboarding information, you will receive a proposal from Evoke Nature, which you can approve and pay online. Payment must be received before the design phase starts.

STEP 2 –  Design Phase

Once we have completed your custom design presentation, you will receive an email with an invitation to view all deliverables through our client portal.

1. 3D Design Board

The 3D design board shows your room’s new look with all furnishings we recommend. Right there you will be able to give us feedback so we can refine the design as needed. During the design process we will keep you informed about the budget for the respective design. 

2. To-Scale Floorplan with Furniture Layout

Along with the 3D design board you will receive a to-scale floorplan that shows the placement of all the furnishings from a bird’s eye view. This space plan will help to place all items later. Again, you can give us feedback and ask questions about the floor plan.

This eDesign package includes 3 revisions. Additional revisions are $75 each. 

3. Detailed Product List

After the design with all items is finalized, I will provide you with a detailed product list in your private portal. The product list includes direct shopping links with purchasing information for your convenience.

You have access to all 3 deliverables in the portal. In addition we will send you a pdf with the complete final presentation as well.

STEP 3 – Shopping & Implementation

You’ll take it form there, go shopping with a click, and put your exciting new room design together at your own pace. Equipped with your design board and floor plan you will know exactly where to place all items as they arrive.  

The timeframe to receive your custom design presentation takes typically 2 weeks from the time we received all onboarding material and full payment. Your design package includes 3 revisions. Additional revisions are $75. 

Anytime you send us an email we will respond within 1 business day (Monday-Friday). Timely responses from your side will ensure a smooth and quick turn around.*

Congratulations you got yourself a custom designed new room! 

*Note: If there is a lapse in communication from your side greater than 30 days Evoke Nature reserves the right to close the project and charge a $25 reopening fee. This fee must be paid prior to continuing the design project. BUT HOLD! This fee can be easily avoided if you let us know within 30 days that you need extra time. 

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me personally at beate@evokenature.com or through the website contact form.