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A Mindful Home

Human-centric design

Tired of the usual trendy interior design advice that makes every space look the same? 

Instead you can transform your home to a place of  nurture and wellbeing with your personal touch.

We use original feng shui teachings that are deeply rooted in the human desire to connect with nature to thrive. 


This is different

Some consulting, mostly coaching

Do you want to find out how your environment impacts your wellbeing and success and how you can benefit from it?

By analyzing your home, we make the correlation between you and your surroundings visible and show you how to make targeted changes to your home environment based on your unique situation. 

Experience the immediate and direct effects of an improved interplay between you and your spaces.

We use original Feng Shui teachings adjusted to the modern Western Lifestyle. 

We are not a traditional interior design service, nor are we bound to any one of the many different traditional feng shui schools.

Our approach is also guided by research in Biophilic Design and Neuro- Architecture.

Unlock the hidden potential of your home. We show you how.

Our Approach

Let nature guide you

Elevate Your Life Through Custom Changes in Your Environment.

Foremost, we help you create a harmonized and supportive resonance between you and your home environment, room by room.

Going through a project together you will understand how to keep this resonance working for you in the future. You will connect to your home and nature on a more meaningful level. 

If you wish, we will also show you how to activate energy qualities that best support you in areas of your life you seek to strengthen, improve, or change. 

Our assessment and recommendations will show you what type of furnishings, objects and layouts (form, color, material, visuals) will best do the job and why.  

Based on our recommendations you will always have multiple options that might suit your style, personality,  and wallet best. You can work with your present furnishings or exchange as much or as little as you see fit. 

You are not bound to any design style, seasonal trend, or budget to create a space that optimally supports you.  

A closeup of decorative plants on a marble salver
white sage incense and singing bowl in front of white background

Energy Clearing & Alignment

The goal of the clearing process is to clear the space from previous old and potentially negative energies, purify and seal the space. If desired energies can be aligned to your life aspirations. The sequence of holistic clearing is important. 

3D illustration mockup photo frame on the wall in living room, scandinavian style interior with cozy furniture and houseplant in natural decoration concept, rendering

Mindful Home Renewal

We provide you with tools to harness natural energy qualities from your surroundings and apply them to the benefit of your specific situation within your home – based on the location and orientation of your home and your personal design preferences. 

Bolsena, historic town in Viterbo province, Lazio, Italy

Energetic Entrance & Front Yard

Feng Shui is the art of directing the energy of an environment to move in ways with which we feel comfortable.  The first and important step is to guide positive energy into your home so it can renew the vital energy within your home. 

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What makes us great

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Hey there!  I’m Beate

I launched Evoke Nature to educate open-minded people like you to creating nurturing living spaces that support your personal development, goals and wellbeing overall. 

I truly believe everybody should live in a home with the best suited energetic quality that resonates with their desired life path and wellbeing, everybody should live in a balanced and supportive home.

My approach is based on original teachings of Feng Shui applied to our modern Western culture. It provides you with tools to harness natural energy qualities from your surroundings and apply them to the benefit of your specific situation within your home – based on the location and orientation of your home and your personal design preferences. 

Sounds a bit like spiritual voodoo? Far from it!

All is based on common sense, observations and science – we just have to connect with nature and her wisdom, once again. Many of the original feng shui teachings are now being confirmed by research in neuroscience and applied in architecture and interior design. 

Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill and many other smart people knew and used this knowledge for their success already. 

Why not you too? 

Training & Education

Relevant Certifications & Courses

Neuro Architecture

Received in depth insights into Neuro Architecture attending the 6-month course "Neuroscience & Architecture - designing with the user in mind" taught by Andréa De Paiva, Founder of NeuroAu , a member of the Advisory Council of the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture (ANFA) and vice chair of the ANFA Chapter Brazil.

Feng Shui

Certified by Katrin Martin Fröhling & Thomas Fröhling, Founders of the German Feng Shui Institute, who studied & decoded the roots of this observational ancient Chinese science into todays modern Western culture. Additionally trained by Simon Brown, bestselling Feng Shui author and consultant for companies like American Airlines.


Certified as WELL Accredited Professional since 2017. The WELL Building Standard (WELL) is a performance-based system designed for measuring, certifying, and monitoring features of the built environment that impact human health and wellbeing, through air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind.



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