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Decorate With Direct Nature Experience For Your Wellbeing

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What Is A Direct Experience Of Nature?

What do you think, would you rather be in a windowless space doing your daily chores, or in a space with a window and view overlooking a nice natural scenery?

I thought so…..

A study has shown that a staggering number of people decorate their windowless cubicles with photos of nature (remember, when we still went to offices). Although you won’t experience the outdoor connection directly through a photo, it just shows how much we yearn for it and think about alternative strategies if we can’t connect with nature directly. 

Other studies have shown that students in classrooms with windows and natural light are more focused, bring home better grades, and are less absent. Even the teachers do better with natural light!

Windows with views of nature, natural light, and natural ventilation through an open window can all be part of a conscious approach to including nature experiences in your decorating project.

You can place a chair next to a window with a nice view or build a window nook. I promise that will become a favorite spot to hang out, relax and observe the scenery outside. But windows and views are not the only direct nature experiences. 

A direct experience of nature at home calls for actual contact with basic features and characters of the natural environment. 

Here are the design strategies that bring you into actual contact with real features of nature:

Natural Light  |  Natural Ventilation  |  Water  |  Plants  |  Animals

Views onto Landscapes  |  Weather  |  Fire

These design features using real forms of nature are part of a design approach called Biophilic Design. It is one of three categories of design strategies to recreate the essence of powerful nature experiences at home. The three categories are

  1. Direct Experience Of Nature
  2. Indirect Experience Of Nature
  3. Experience Of Space and Place

These categories were developed by Stephen R. Kellert, known as the godfather of biophilic design. This post describes the first category direct experience of nature. For a short general introduction to Nature Inspired Home Décor for Wellbeing, read my blog post  How To Harness the Magic Of Nature For A Happier & Healthier Home

Or do a deeper dive into biophilic design in my post Nature Inspired Décor For Your Wellbeing – It’s A Mindset Not A Style.

How Can You Bring Real Nature Connection Home?

Natural Light is essential to our wellbeing. Incorporating natural light and outdoor views onto nature, even just a good-looking potted plant will be a great idea. A breakfast nook or just a chair placed next to a window is beautiful strategies to harness a whole combination of nature experiences – the natural light, the possible view onto some greenery, and the feel of the breeze entering thru the open window.

Just the thought already makes us feel better, doesn’t it!

Experiencing the days’ rhythm from dawn to dusk and the seasonal weather ads to our physical and mental health as well.

Design features targeted at the direct experience of nature are often regarded as the main way to think of nature inspired design. In particular plants seem to be the go to nature décor.

These features are important, and I recommend incorporating them wherever you can. Nevertheless they are only the starting point of any effectively engaging design strategy for wellbeing at home. 

Combined with design strategies from the other two categories, indirect experiences of nature and experiences for space and place,  they will unfold their power to support your wellbeing. 

Read my introduction to biophilic design and blog posts about the other two nature experiences for your home decoration projects:

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