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Hi There, I’m Beate

with my pugs Lina and Oliver…


And just like you, I enjoy spending time in Nature for all the refreshing and feel-good effects it has on me.

When you imagine a place where you feel happy and relaxed, what comes to your mind? Many people describe being in nature and interacting with nature. 

My favorite is to hike in the mountains, feeling my body from the exercise and being exhilarated from the views around me.

Something small as brushing my hands through a lavender bush and getting a deep breath of its fragrance makes me smile too – I can almost smell it and relax just by thinking of it.

For me it has always been more than going into nature, it has always been part of my life to bringing nature into my home. It already started as a teenager when I recreated a little woodland interior design in my room, with a meadow garden view my parents allowed me to landscape as well.

It has been essential ever since to design my homes with nature in mind – be it views, natural patterns, indoor plants and so many other nature-inspired design choices to think of. Over the years, nature has never left my side and always kept me grounded and well, no matter if I lived in city apartments or houses with surrounding gardens. It seems it is just in my DNA.

I have made nature part of my profession by becoming a sustainability and energy consultant in the building industry. I received a certification as a Passive House Consultant and a WELL Accredited Professional. The first allows me to consult on creating the most energy efficient and comfortable homes possible and the latter to consult businesses to support health, wellness and comfort through interior design.

Both are voluntary building standards. The WELL standard includes nature-based features, such as natural pattern and the interaction with nature through plants or views. The WELL Standard grouped these features under Biophilic Design. The WELL Standard has been my introduction to Biophilic Design and the studies showing its benefits for our wellbeing.

This totally blew my mind!

Supporting health and wellbeing by bringing a carefully curated variety of natural elements indoors – this is what I had practiced all my life, instinctively. I had no idea that there was research showing the benefits of nature based interior design. I had no idea there was a formal practice called Biophilic Design that provides guidelines on how to incorporate nature to gain benefits for our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.  I just did it because I had to for my own good.

It all made sense the moment I learned about it and this discovery changed everything for me. I already knew how much my wellbeing has benefitted through nature-based interior design.

I decided to build on my lifelong experience with nature inspired interior design to become an expert in the more formal practices of Biophilic Design.

Nature-inspired design has become popular. It seems the pandemic resulted in a desire for people to bring the positive experience of nature into their homes. Almost as if the crisis has reminded us that it is nature, we need to be content and thrive. 

Evoke Nature is my platform to help you to connect your home with the natural world, feel well and express your personal style.

Biophilic Interior Design is

    • not a style but rather a philosophy. A set of the many biophilic design elements can be embraced by any interior design style to improve your wellbeing and the beauty of your space.   

    • based on the idea that we humans have an innate affinity with nature and living things, based on our long history of living in nature. That is why nature makes us feel good and relaxed, we feel right at home.

    • backed by science and research and each of its design elements can be used for a variety of benefits to your health and wellbeing. 

How can you get started?

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There Is No Better Designer Than Nature  – Alexander Mc Queen

drawn to interior design and its importance on my wellbeing. I wasn’t able to express it in ways I can today, but I clearly perceived décor as one important factor for my wellbeing. That does not mean I was craving for lavish decoration to express status, power, or style, it had more to do with intrinsic benefits such as mental and emotional support and balance.

I needed an interior that loved me back – decoration that made me feel good. That is why all the spaces I have occupied have also been my sanctuaries, places I recharge, feel inspired and I am happy in.

Only when I finally ended a career in IT and made sustainable, healthy homes the center of a new career path I learned the rationale behind my decorating choices.

The recurring theme of my interiors was nature inspired! I always worked with colors, texture and shapes I found in nature – I literally brought nature into my homes without realizing just how much I relied on her for my décor choices.

Unconsciously I brought my nature experiences home with me because I felt the connectedness of nature to my wellbeing.

Now that I have studied the science and research behind this phenomenon, I know it all makes perfect sense and I am not some sort of nature freak.

It’s not just me, we all have it in us! I might just be very sensitive to it, have a sense for putting things together nicely and always loved the possibilities of expressing your personality with interior design.

It all relates to a hypothesis called Biophilia – humans’ (that’s us) deeply ingrained love of nature, an intuitive and natural drive imprinted into our DNA.

If you are like me and cherish the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for happiness and wellbeing, you will love this approach to interior design. 😊

Let’s get going! Let’s plan your decorating project with nature and your wellbeing in mind!