How To Harness the Magic Of Nature For A Happier & Healthier Home

Nature Inspired Home Décor for Wellbeing

What if you could bring your positive outdoor experiences into your home? What if you could harness nature’s profound impact on your overall wellbeing right at home – all this without compromising your personal style?

It’s not only possible but also simple to do once you get the gist of it.

Learning From Commercial Research

Implementing nature inspired design strategies in commercial settings has been researched in many different areas with stunningly positive results like faster healing in hospitals, better grades in schools, and greater performance in offices.  

In commercial setting this is better known as Biophilic Design, which is the more scientific term for a nature inspired home as we define it at Evoke Nature. More about it a bit later.

So, I thought why not benefit from the commercial studies, implement biophilic design at home and gain all the positive at home too! 

There are 3 distinct approaches to recreate your outdoor experiences at home, each comes with many design options. It’s definitely not all about plants! – You can create a nature inspired home with or without plants. 

Who would have thought!

Choosing nature inspired décor is like having an Avocado toast with a glass of champagne on the side – it’s pure goodness!

Why Is This Even A New Thing?

We have spent quite some time separating our dwellings from nature and created our daily lives apart from her with the goal to dominate nature. Yet, when we want to relax, experience beauty, or go on an Instagram-worthy vacation we seek her out and indulge in her.

In today’s culture, many of us think that we are not part of nature – she is meant to be somewhere else. Somewhere we travel to, meant to be experienced on special occasions or weekend activities – a novelty. We have drawn a clear line of order so to speak. 

On the surface, we somehow lost our connection to our origins and the very world we are a part of – the natural world. That might explain why we need studies and research to justify bringing natural design into our offices and homes – we lost the ability to trust our instincts.

Nevertheless, we do have studies and research that show how a nature inspired interior at home and work has a positive effect on our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

A Healthy Lifestyle Starts At Home

We read and talk a lot about how important fitness and whole foods are for a healthy lifestyle, yet the indoor spaces we spend so much of our time in have been mostly left out of this discussion. Studies show we spend 90% indoors. With the Covid pandemic, a big part of this number has shifted to the indoors at home.

For a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle, we can utilize decorating strategies that support and enhance our wellbeing while performing any indoor activities.

I am not making this up! We have a wonderful opportunity to make a positive difference to our wellbeing in our homes – now more than ever! 

Various studies show how interiors that include nature experiences can have a positive impact on our physical, mental and emotional health.

It’s time to include a nature inspired home to the equation of a healthy lifestyle!

A Nature Inspired Home Décor: What Is It?

What does nature inspired décor and bringing the outdoor experience to your home exactly mean? And can it really have any impact on our wellbeing?

It all goes back to where we came from – we humans lived in nature for 99.9% of our evolution. This influence won’t be eliminated by technology and city asphalt anytime soon. We still have an innate connection to the natural world, although we might not realize it consciously.

This human trait is called biophilia – the instinctual connection of us humans with the natural world.

Stephen R. Kellert has written extensively about biophilia. He has brought the idea of biophilia into the built environment and called it biophilic design. He created the first biophilic design principles, which he and others refined further over time.

The following 3 ways to a better interior décor through nature experiences at home are taken from Stephen R. Kellert’s work.

3 Distinct Ways To Experience Nature At Home

Direct Experience Of Nature

Indirect Experience Of Nature

Experience Of Space And Place

Biophilic Design – What Is It?

Biophilic design translates the essence of nature into design solutions. It is an evidence based approach, which means that the suggested design strategies were chosen due to their demonstrated effect on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

The fundamental goal of biophilic design is not a type of visual appeal or aesthetics but rather to create good living spaces for us. It has been gaining wide popularity in recent years.

Studies show that we do best in an environment that is complex, yet within an order, with the right mix of stimuli for all our senses – just like what we experience in nature.

Biophilic design provides us with design strategies to recreate this variety of natural sensory input we yearn for and feel good with.

We can even go further and use the approach to effectively achieve specific goals, like calm and relaxation in a bedroom, or enhanced productivity and creativity in a home office.

You might have read about it as, nature-inspired, nature-based, natural, wellness, or holistic design & décor. Also some styles picking up on the idea, like Hygge design to create a happy home.

Any of these design trends and styles are built on biophilia and emerged from the human-centered biophilic design approach calling upon our innate connection with nature.

Sometimes, interior designers, magazines, and blogs provide us with a confusing message by tying nature inspired design to a trend, look, or status – external considerations we have been primed to accomplish with interior design.

Yet, nature inspired décor that is based on biophilic design is an intrinsic approach, focusing on what matters most to us. Seeing in every decorating choice an opportunity to improve our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

We at Evoke Nature focus on the human-centric approach to interior design that is based on research around biophilia and biophilic design. We primarily follow the approach Stephen R. Kellert, the godfather of biophilic design, has laid out in his studies and publications.

We want to give you the opportunity to understand the WHY behind our interior design toolset and our mission, which is: To help you decorate a home that loves you back. We not only want for you to have a home you love but also a home that embraces your wellbeing.

Below you can find the three ways Stephen R. Kellert laid out to organize the selection of his biophilic design features he has developed and updated over time.

If you like to get a bit of deeper insight, check out the post
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If you like to do your own research you can get started on our resource page with a list of books and research papers 

Whole Foods + Fitness + Biophilic Design = Healthy Lifestyle

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