How To Decorate With Nature In Mind

and nurture your wellbeing.

How To Decorate With Nature In Mind

and boost your wellbeing.

Do You Want A Home That Loves You Back?

I can help you with that. Here’s what to do next!


Not sure where to even begin to decorate a home that focuses on your lifestyle and wellbeing and is not that concerned with the newest trends and impressing others? GET MY FREE STARTER GUIDE and get a plan of action for what to tackle next.


Need help right now? The introduction to my interior design process to support your wellbeing will take the uncertainty out of your interior design project, no matter how small or large. Reimagine your wall art or decorate a whole house? This process is for you.


Ready to dig deeper? My in-depth look at biophilic design and why we humans instinctively want to connect with nature will help you make better choices for your home décor. And then get inspired by my playful biophilic mini mood boards, 365 days of decorating ideas.

Hi, I’m Beate



WELL Accredited Professional

My goal for you is to have LESS ANXIETY to decorate your home and MORE CONFIDENCE to choose the right home décor for your healthy lifestyle.

As a nature lover with a propensity for design and style I always  felt the need for a home that brought nature in and expressed who I am, no matter the current design trends.

A home décor that is inspired by nature and decorated to support my lifestyle is a necessity to me. Without it I feel gloomy over time.  With it I feel calm and invigorated.

My simple approach to a natural and personal home décor has helped me to convert my home to a retreat and stay sane no matter life’s challenges. I’d love to share my simple design approach with you too!

Find more about me and my business HERE.

Nature-Inspired Design

The Foundation For A Happy & Healthy Home.

The Ultimate Design Process

An Overview. A Simple Guide.

You have your Pinterest boards and pins, your cut outs and links to inspiring magazines. Now what? How do you translate these ideas and pretty images into your home, solving your design challenges? 

This guide shows you how to navigate a decorating project from start to finish -step-by-step- and makes the overwhelm go away.

Biophilic Design

The Goodness Of It. 

This is an in-depth look at the origins of nature-inspired décor and why it is actually called biophilic design. 

How does nature-inspired design and wellbeing relate? Are there really studies that show the positive impact on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing? 

Why do we need studies to prove this? Don’t we know that nature is good for us instinctively? Read on… 

365-Day Mini Mood Boards

Get Inspired. Every Day. 

From January 1 to December 31, 2022 I will post a mini mood board, daily. 

Get inspired to experience nature with open eyes – every day – and bring her into your home.  Nature provides tons of elements to feel better and fill you home with positive energy.

She will uplift and inspire, relax and calm you. I know, she is part of my life… 


Discover how nature inspired décor can make your home happier & healthier.  We show you three easy ways to bring your positive nature experiences into your home and feel well.  Best of all, it’s completely FREE.

everything you can imagine, nature has already created.

Albert Einstein